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Florida uses a metal license plate with an alpha numeric system, meaning there are combinations of letters and numbers used for identification. The license plate is displayed on the rear of the vehicle with the exception of certain commercial vehicles. The plate is issued to the owner for five years. The owner will receive a new plate (with new numbers and letters) during the fifth year.

Vehicles are registered on a staggered basis according to the registered owner's birth month. The registration expires at midnight on the owner's birthday. The exceptions to this are company owned and short term lease vehicles, which expire in June. Long term lease vehicles are staggered throughout the calendar year, and truck-tractors, semi-trailers, and trucks weighing over 5,000 pounds are renewed in December. Nine passenger and over vehicles used for hire and mobile homes are also renewed in December. All vehicles are licensed according to weight. Travel trailers and mobile homes are licensed according to length.


The State of Florida inacted new legislation which goes into effect on September 1, 2009 which increases almost all State fees on driver licenses, identification cards, vehicles, vessels, motorcycles, motor homes, mobile homes, and license plate renewals.

You can renew your license plate now at the current rate to avoid the fee increase if your birthday falls in:

Birthday Month Renew Your Tag In


July June or July
August June, July or August
September June, July, or August
October July or August
November August

Driver License may be renewed 18 months prior to date of expiration.

Examples: If you Driver License expires 01-15-2011 you may renew beginning 07-15-2009.

              If your Driver License expires 02-15-2011 you may renew beginning 08-15-2009.

To save even more money two year renewals are available for most vehicles.

The "New Cost" listed below are estimated cost based on the information contained in Senate Bill 1778, 2009 Florida Legislature and Florida Statutes 319 and 320. None of these increases will stay in Suwannee County, all of these increases will go to the state.

Click here for A detailed list of all fee increases

Registration and Decal Change In Appearance

Florida's vehicle registration and decals are changing, and as more counties institute the new system, that change will become more obvious.

Identifying numbers, as follows, will be printed on the decal when it is issued, which will help prevent theft.

License plate number assigned to the vehicle, truck/tractor or trailer.
Identification number when issued to a mobile home.
Florida Number (FL#) when assigned to a vessel.
Driver License number when a disabled parking placard is issued.

The lemon yellow background and black lettering, on the new decal make it more visible, and the same colors will be used each year, with changing expiration dates.



 “Commercial motor vehicle” is defined by section 320.01(26), Florida Statutes, as any vehicle which is not owned or operated by a governmental entity, which uses special fuel or motor fuel on the public highways, and which has a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more, or has three or more axles regardless of weight, or is used in combination when the weight of such combination exceeds 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.




The minimum required amounts of coverage for the combined bodily liability insurance and property damage liability insurance, as provided in section 627.7415, Florida Statutes.


A.        $50,000 per occurrence for a commercial motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more, but less than 35,000 pounds.

B.         $100,000 per occurrence for a commercial motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 35,000 pounds or more, hut less than 44,000 pounds.

C.        $300,000 per occurrence for a commercial motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 44,000 pounds or more.

D.        All commercial motor vehicles subject to regulations of the United States department of Transportation, Title 49 C.F.R. part 387, subpart A, for all for-hire interstate carriers or all carriers transporting hazardous materials with vehicles having a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or more, the minimum level is $750,000 CSL.




A. Truck Tractors with a combined gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds or more.

B. Heavy trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds or more.




A. ONE of the following is required with the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Report when it is submitted:


1. A copy of internal Revenue Service (IRS) Schedule 1, form 2290. Stamped received by IRS.

2. A photocopy of a stamped received IRS Schedule 1, form 2290, and a copy of proof of payment (i.e. credit/debit card receipt, front/back of cancelled check or other receipt for payment) used to pay the tax.

3. A photocopy of a stamped received IRS Schedule 1, Part II, form 2290, for vehicles 55,000 pounds or more hut traveling less than 5,000 miles (an example of this could be a tool), an agriculture vehicle traveling less than 7,500 miles, or for vehicles that arc qualified as blood collector vehicles.

 4. The original or a copy of the electronically filed form 2290, IRS Schedule I. The electronic copy will show a slightly visible watermark with the wording

Received (date).”




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