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Identification documents required for the Florida drivers license or ID card

The New Document Requirements
For office visits, you must bring specific forms of proof for identification, Social Security number and residential address. The checklists here list some valid documents. For more document options, visit

(1) Identification Bring one:

    Certified U.S. birth certificate                
     Valid U.S. passport
Certificate of naturalization
    Consular proof of birth abroad
 Alien registration receipt card
(green card, form 1-551)
Name Change (if applicable)
 Original or certified copy of all marriage certificates or court orders that show your name change(s) (Uncertified photocopies are not valid.)
For more information and a complete list visit

(2) Social Security Number Bring one:
    Social Security card
    W-2 form
    Pay check showing number
    Any 1099 form
(3) Residential Address (not post office box) Bring two:
    Deed, mortgage, payment booklet, or rental agreement
    Florida vehicle registration or title
    Utility bill or hookup/work order
    Statement from person you live with along with two address documents in that person's name. (click here for required form)



You may schedule an office appointment at For identification documents, please visit: (850) 617-3995

NOTE: Only Certified Copies of Documents are accepted, and ALL documents presented MUST be of the same name. Names that do not match MUST have Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Legal Name Change Ordered by the Court, signed by a Judge, which shows the name from birth to current.  

To apply for a hardship license you must contact your local office. You must use the application for hardship license form.


Why do we need the Real ID Act?

The REAL ID Act is a nationwide effort to improve the integrity and security of State-issued driver licenses and identification cards, which in turn will help fight terrorism and reduce fraud. This Act sets new standards for the issuance of driver licenses and identification cards.
Real ID Good to Know Facts
• The Real ID Act became effective nationwide on May 11, 2008. Florida has received a compliance extension that pushes the date to January 1,
• Your current Florida license or ID card will continue to be valid as identification for federal purposes until December 1, 2014 for individuals born after December 1, 1964 and December 1, 2017 for everyone else.
• After the 2014 and 2017 dates, Federal agencies will no longer accept a driver license or ID card unless it is Real ID compliant. This means you will not be allowed to board commercial flights or enter federal facilities unless you have a Real ID compliant document.
• Florida already meets many of the Real ID requirements. We are on track to meet the remaining mandates and begin issuing Real ID
compliant documents by January 1, 2010.
Documents that you will need for Real ID Compliant Drivers License or ID Card
You will need to bring one of the following to establish your identity, proof of
legal residence and date of birth:
·        Valid, unexpired U.S. passport
·        Original or Certified copy of a birth certificate
·        Consular Report of Birth Abroad
·        Certified marriage license if married.
·        Certificate of Naturalization issued by DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security)
·        Certificate of Citizenship
·        Court or marriage/divorce documents that provide proof of a change in name that differs from your primary identity document and certified birth certificate.
·        Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card — 1551 for Lawful Permanent Residents
·        Valid Passport for non-immigrants except for asylum applicants and refugees
·        Other government issued document showing your full name
·        Department of Homeland Security document showing proof of lawful presence
·        If your name has changed by marriage/divorce, evidence that a name change has been applied for with the Department of Homeland Security and certified birth certificate.
Both Citizens and Non-US Citizens will need to bring:
·        Your Social Security Card or evidence that you are not eligible for one
·        Two documents that show your principal residence
These rules and regulations are constantly being reviewed and are subject to change by Homeland Security.


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